Welcome Kalister Group

The business is still evolving and innovating to meet the ever changing demands of our customers and market place. Kalister products are designed to deliver quality and reliability in a wide range of commercial and Industrial applications. During the last few years, Kalister has developed a very successful presence in the emerging Middle East and International markets with its Cable Management systems.

From its earlier roots, Kalister recognized that it best served its clients, not only by delivering Cable management systems, but by addressing their special needs in industry. This has motivated us in developing Environmental friendly products and specialized products like PVC profiles and press fittings. The engineering tool room division offering customized solutions to specific client’s application manufacturing Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges and Plastic Molds.

Manufacturing of Filler and Colour Master batch is a backward integration to our spectrum of business activities and the business is carving its niche in Middle East Market.

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