Corrugated Conduits


  • Liquid tight raceway.
  • Component, extra-flexible non-metallic mechanical protection tubing
  • Corrugated flame resistant PVC with integral reinforcing member.
  • Non-conductive raceway
  • Impact resistant UV stabilised PVC Corrugated conduit

Temperature Rating

  • 60°C Dry
  • 60°C wet and oily


  • Recognized component for use in protection of insulated wire in assemblies or consoles of electrical apparatus.
  • Non-UL liquid tight raceway.

References & Rating

  • Recognized component Liquidtight Mechanical Protection Tubing under UL File Number E79977
  • Designed to BS 4607 & IEC423

For more details please download brochure:

Corrugated Conduits (620KB)


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