UPVC Conduits & Fittings

• Firm core structure ( Double Wall ) gives added die electric properties
• Self extinguishing PVC
• Standard Electrical Black
• Impact Resistant PVC
• Non Corroding
• Non Combustible 2 Hours
• Fire Resistant
• Flexible enough to be bend by hand, yet tough enough to withstand crushing and breaking
• Interior surface significantly reduces the amount of friction when pulling cables through long runs, even in runs with 90° bends.

Kalister PVC Fittings offer both high impact and high tensile strength

Corrosion Resistant
PVC is resistant to external corrosion and pitting and will not rust. This ensures a lower maintenance cost and longer performance life.

Non Conductive
PVC eliminates the most dangerous second point to contact in phase to ground faults. The use of separate ground conductor gives a complete and positive ground for the entire system

Chemical Resistant
Kalister conduit and fittings are resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as acids, alkalies, or salt solutions.

Fire Resistance
As a building material PVC offers outstanding performance characteristics. PVC will not burn unless an external flame source is applied, and will not sustain ignition once the flame source is removed.  Kalister PVC Conduits and fittings has a flash ignition temperature of 850° F

For more details please download brochure:

Cable ManagementSystem (3.8 MB)

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